Premiere: Souldynamic Ft. Roland Clark – Eqtrl


Whether you're a doctor, lawyer or full-time raver you'll appreciate a good beat (Ciaran's words). Surely we've all seen solicitors standing up in court, only so that they can get down as soon as possible and feel the rhythm flowing through their body as a fine dose of classic house fills their soul with enough joy to make them say 'Not today Mr Blackmailer'.

There's no need to seek counsel in anything other than a firm, juicy beat (oof) and this aural offering that's about to flash down your ear canal is sure to get every last hair on your body standing on end and grooving along to the beat.

What. A. Belter.

Go on, let yourself loose and delve into this sheer musical indulgence;

EQTRL is out on 24th July via Tribe Records.