Premiere: Soreab – Drunken Ballad


Accidental Meetings welcome the Baroque Sunburst boss for his label debut.

How did he get home in one piece? He deserved a medal for doing so – or perhaps he had a guardian angel who’d put him in a taxi and shipped him home. A huge chunk of the night had been erased from his memory, only fragments of rambling conversations and blurred faces remained. Thankfully any embarrassing scenes had been discarded, not that that didn’t mean they’d taken place. Only time would tell if he’d tarnished his reputation last night…


Baroque Sunburst boss Soreab takes a break from running his label to make his debut on Accidental Meetings. Marking the imprint’s first release of the year, Perspectives is a multi-faceted set of tracks that demonstrate his ability to work with contrasting styles, moods and tempos. Three of the tracks are purpose-made for the club but all cut from a different cloth; there’s deviant dembow rhythms, heavy broken club music and a dubwise roller, all tied up with the hypnotic droning sounds of the closing track.


Perspectives is out on 25th February on Accidental Meetings.