Premiere: Airaboi – Resilience Transmissions


Berlin’s R.i.O welcome a new batch of producers for their second compilation.

“They are here, all over: sudden, random molecular movements. Invisible and yet extremely effective. Perceptible only to those who turn on things from a peculiar outlook. Music, that is able to in sight humans to an Atget photography. Able to transmit flashes to the firmament, to stars that wander darkling in eternal space. And yes: to some who listen a sudden physical movement might transpire, despite the fact that all was made without a particular practical value. Art for art’s sake. In favor of an alternative to reality. Compellingly haunted by itself. Like stone, that awaits a random molecular movement.”


At the end of 2019, just before the world would be turned on its head by the Covid pandemic, Berlin-based label R.i.O shared their first various artists compilation Risks Issues Opportunities. Since then they’ve gifted us solo outings from the likes of Philipp Otterbach, Benedikt Frey and Tim Toh and Chris Imler, but now they’re returning to the VA format for their first release of 2022. For the second iteration they welcome eight new artists, including Airaboi, Willie Burns, Bocksrucker and Twoonky, all of whom deliver abstract and intriguing electronic compositions that colour outside of the lines.