Premiere: Sojeso & Mignon – 90


As dusk creeped in they swilled back their drinks and made for the woodlands on the far side of the lake, joining the swathes of people heading towards the trees. As they followed the excited chatter, it led towards the subtle thud of a kick drum in the distance. The music grew louder and the trees dissipated leading to an opening filled with bodies dancing in the last sliver of the sun’s light. Only smiles and welcoming faces…

The next instalment from Seoul’s Honey Badger Records calls on the talents of two previous label mates for a collaborative EP. Titled 90 Broke, the four tracker matches The Pony guitarist and Cumeo Project member Sojeso, who released his first long player SPEND in 2018, and Mignon, a musician, producer and DJ who contributed a track on Honey Badger’s last V/A. Following a conversation about working together on an album, the EP acts a prelude to this and sees them hark back to the 90s, particularly on our pick, closer ’90’ which draws from their experiences during this time.