Premiere: Smagghe & Cross – Mmmmmmm


She licked her lips provocatively as she stared him up and down. In the distance there was music playing but the pair cared not for such ambience beneath the glow of the moonlight. Before them the waves rolled gracefully upon the dusty sand, the palm trees blowing delicately in the warm air. The sky was a bitter shade of black, the stars faintly visible behind the gloomy clouds. This was not some sort of peaceful paradise but a stormy romance on an island lost. 

Smagghe & Cross return following recent releases on Offen Music and our own Ransom Note Records imprint. The pair deliver an intriguing EP for Glasgow based record label Huntleys & Palmers. Listen to "MMMMMMM" below: 

Visit the Huntleys & Palmers site HERE

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