Premiere: JR2k – Call Back

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

Jackson Ryland is back doing what he does best on a new EP for Fixed Rhythms, this time under the alias JR2k.

He sat watching the empty phone booth from a perch upon the other side of the street. He had been there for hours but somehow hadn’t been able to bring himself to walk on over there and answer the damn phone.

The ringing pierced the air from time to time, for this was the spot that he said he would be in. This is where they knew exactly where to find him for that is what he’d said. The snow fell softly down upon the small outback town, it could be anywhere for all he knew or cared. This was the last place he thought he might have ended up, heaven only knew how.

Soon enough he would have to call back, he always did, he couldn’t keep away.


Jackson Ryland follows upon on recent releases on Peach Discs and Pleasant Life with a new EP for Fixed Rhythms, this time adopting a stylised moniker for alternate leanings.

The DC producer returns to sounds rooted in 90’s Techno culture, fast paced and dubbed out with flurries and scuttles of percussion for the meandering dancefloor.



‘Walking Backward’ is out on the 18th of November.