Premiere: Slacker – The New Face Of England


Plastered across the newspapers, front and centre on the news, trending on Twitter — you couldn’t escape his face, even if you tried. In spite of the lies, the fabrications and the snobbery, it seemed he’d found his platform; his voice now louder than ever before. It wasn’t worth dissecting the reasons that led to his rise; we’d much rather imagine his downfall. 

After releases on Cyberdome, Room II Records and his own co-run imprint Pseudonym Records Sam Black, better known under the name Slacker, makes his debut on Lobster Theremin with his first long player What Would I Do With Saturn. Channeling the contrasting feelings that surrounded his production process during lockdown – the safety of being in nature and the alienation that stemmed from being far from civilisation – there’s a strikingly beautiful polarity between the 12 tracks with frantic jungle rhythms sitting next to tranquil ambient.