Premiere: Shelter On Wax – Oranienstrasse (Gnork Remix)


The tall build overlooked the city with an overbearing sense of presence. The people who walked upon the streets beneath the towering beast were undermined and overwhelmed by its existence. It cast a shadow into the core of their homes and their lives. Within the confines of the luxury suites and the sprawling penthouses the rich would dine and play, happy in the carefree sense of disregard which was afforded to them by the four walls. Out there on the streets it was tough, a stark contrast to another life. 

Shelter On Wax is set to release a new EP called "Oranienstrasse" on Lagaffe Tales. The Berlin based producer offers great promise and we were also startlingly impressed by the Gnork remix which is lush, elegant house music at its finest. 

Listen below: