Premiere: Sha Ru – Risers’ Ode

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Sha Ru – Time Turns Liquid

The dynamic duo weave an intricate web of Rave and Bass music on a new EP for Jupiter4 Records.

The sound reverberated and danced as if it were under the possession of some strange outside spirit or influence. It echoed and pierced the ears as it grew louder and louder. The anticipation was too much for some who began to exit through the small door at the top of the room. Those who were more committed waited in observation of the risers’ ode.

The scientists conducting the experiment were brave in their approach – few had tried to breach the wall of sound before, testing the very limits of circumstance and noise.

Soon they might hit fever pitch.


Sha Ru are a New York via Berlin based duo made up of Masha and Ru. Sha Ru are two musicians in constant flux, always discovering new iterations of themselves. Future facing, bass heavy loops and reverberating vocals mark a new era for the band one defined by artistic autonomy, intimacy and experimentation.

The pair are set to release a new EP on Jupiter4 – an intriguing assortment of electronic experiments.

Listen below: