Premiere: Sevensol & Bender – Mythen Center Korfu


The water was calm and still. The fountain which sat perched amidst the middle of the pond was beautifully illuminated by the glow of flickering lights and beaming golden tapestry. Sat perched upon a bench she watched the people walk past, very few even glanced towards the the magnificent feature. They were absorbed in their own little worlds, busy distracted by ambitious prospects and bothersome thoughts. The bench was cold beneath her weight as she perched, this was the same spot that she had visited for many years. It always felt like home. 

Sevensol & Bender are the enigmatic duo behind KANN, a label which has been home to the likes of Traumprinz, Llewellyn, Sven Tasnadi and more. The pair have contributed a number of EP's themselves to the label, however their latest might be the most special to date. A truly beautiful EP set for release on the 16th of February next month. Listen below: 

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