Premiere: Settima Tacca – Yasnie Dni (Taras 3000 Back To 1994 Remix)


Photographs lay scattered across the floor, a million memories – some vivid, some forgotten and some willingly erased. These pictures captured his days; the good and the bad. They charted the friendship circles, the trips to far off places, the questionable haircuts and the short-lived hobbies. In an instant he was transported back to a different time and place, escaping his reality for just a few seconds…

At the end of last year, Russian label and collective System 108 reached their five year anniversary, and to celebrate they compiled a three-part release, with each one charting a sound that has been central to the label since its inception. A key part of Russia’s dance scene, they’ve built a strong community around their label and parties, championing all kinds of musical strains, from post-industrial, techno and breakbeat to disco and house.

Some of these sounds features on Five Years Of Love: Part 1 brings new beat, EBM, wave and acid flavours, Part 2 journeys through techno, breakbeat and trance from System 108’s friends and residents, and Part 3 centres around classic house with echoes of Detroit and Chicago.