Premiere: Sene – Nocturne


Ahead of her, the long factory corridor seemed to stretch out to infinity, her torch beam slicing through the darkness like a hot knife through butter. She had to tread carefully to avoid the mechanical detritus on the floor. Checking the faded sign on each door one by one, she finally arrived at 3.54, and felt her heart skip. To her surprise, it opened straight away. And there was the filing cabinet right by the desk. Also unlocked. Now she was nervous again – it shouldnt be this easy. Sure enough, the folder was empty, and she cursed herself for being beaten to the punch.

Paris-based sculptor/music maker Sene joins the Unknown Precept roster with his debut EP I Heard You Laughing. Carbon copy music for tangled minds, leaving room for nothing but sedated feelings. Listen to 'Nocturne' below:

I Heard You Laughing is out 6th August via Unknown Precept, pre-order it here.