Premiere: Sei A – Jets (Hodge Remix)


Hazy orange words buzzed on the screens around the airport, line after line read the same word: ‘Delayed’. She sat on the floor amongst all the other disgruntled customers, pondering how long she’d be here before an update sounded across the tannoy. She had always hated travelling but she didn’t mind waiting. It offered time for thought and contemplation, and that had become something of a rarity nowadays…

Glasgwegian native Andy Graham AKA Sei A returns to his regular home Aus Music for what marks his fourth studio album, Kinetic Action, and the first full length since 2016’s Space In Your MindKnown for his ability to weave subtle melodies throughout his productions, be it sparse dub or hypnotic techno, Sei A has crafted a distinct sound that shines across his lengthy discography. Alongside the album, Aus Music call on the remix duties of two UK techno mainstays, Surgeon and Hodge, who each bring their razor sharp touch to the originals.