Premiere: Seb Wildblood – vitara 3000


The LA-based producer shares his first release of the year, a three-tracker for Istanbul’s Oath Records.

Up here in the mountains, above the clouds, sunrise was the most beautiful time of day. Everything was still and silent, from the green hills to the sleepy towns in the valley, except the intermittent buzz of insects and soft whistling of birds in the distance. The sky was hued with hazy pinks and burnt oranges as the sun began its journey into the sky and light started to spread across the landscape. The world began to wake from its slumber and the cycle of the day began once more.


Seb Wildblood’s first release of the year – a three-track EP titled vitara 3000 – comes via Istanbul-based imprint Oath. Marking his first material since last May’s sophomore long player do you feel it too?, the music represents a new creative chapter in his life physically and sonically. Having moved to LA from London a few years back, the tracks that form the EP, a nostalgic, blissed out broken beat affair, were spawned from him finding his first proper studio space in the city, and showcases the ‘sound and energy’ that this new location stimulated in his creativity and production.


vitara 3000 will be released on Oath on 25th January.