Premiere: Calm & Jimi Tenor – Big City Takes (Tapes Remix 1)

5 Minute Read

A dreamy dubbed out remix merges the minds and mischief of Tapes alongside Calm and Jimi Tenor.

Wandering beneath towering buildings as the chirps and echoes of the bustling streets reverberated loud in his ears. This was what it was all about, the grit and the glamour of the big city was everything which excited him.

His small town home seemed a million miles away now, this was to be the beginning of something new.

He lit up a cigarette as he strolled and took in the sights and sounds of the wild west in which he would seek to make his own. Soon it would be his picture up there on billboards.


Soon the bright lights would illuminate his face and he would be the one.

The mischief of Tapes meets Calm and Jimi Tenor on a new remixes EP from Hell Yeah Recordings. This one is as fun as you like, the sort of music you might hear on a Friday night at a sleazy dive bar before things all get a bit hazy and happy with friends.

Listen below: