Premiere: SDS MAX – Afters At Gav’s Gaff


The evening was young but they all knew where it was headed. To infinity and beyond as they said, holding hands they walked between shadowy alleyways and amidst back streets in the company of friends. The dancefloor loomed, an endless escape from the trouble and strife of the daily cycle of repetition and denial. The same routine was fierce. Not before long they would find themselves sprawled out upon the floor, the afters at Gav’s gaff was the blissful solution to an otherwise hectic situation. It was everything. 

SDS MAX readies a new EP for Erbium Records, a deep moving break focussed trancey affair designed to delight and destroy dancefloors. This one comes equipped with a poignant track title, I feel like we all know our own Gav…

Listen below:

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