Premiere: Schnodig – Nerver i en bunt (SKL Acid Remix)


Teeth chattering, hands shaking, he couldn’t keep his nerves under control. No matter what he did, he couldn’t curb the jitters, couldn’t swallow the dry lump that remained in the back of his throat. “It’s going to be fine”, he repeated to himself over and over, “just wait for the adrenaline to kick in”. The door across the corridor swung open and his name was called. Deep breath, let the nerves go.

As a retrospective of their 25 plus years of operation, Norwegian imprint Beatservice Records have collated a diverse collection of reworks of previous label releases, that stretch from laid-back house grooves to bright disco cuts and bubbling acid rhythms. The 15 tracks across the compilation, which also features a trio of unreleased gems, brings together local talents like Lakeshouse, Third Attempt, Jarle Bråthen, Kohib and our pick from former Beta Frequency member Eskild Trulsen AKA SKL who morphs Schnodig’s ‘Nerver i en bunt’ into a leftfield acid-tinged electro banger.