Premiere: Sau Poler – Vireo


Each morning she awoke to the sounds of nature; no cars, sirens or alarms rang through the air — here there was only tranquility. She didn’t miss the city anymore, being amongst the trees, the fields and the birds had been something of a rebirth. She barely remembered the rat race, the daily commute and the thick smog that seemed to cling to her lungs; since moving here, she’d never looked back.

Spanish producer Sau Poler first appeared on Amsterdam’s Atomnation all the way back in 2013 with his ‘A Soundless Echo’ EP. Now, eight years on, he makes his return for his debut album, ‘Nocturno’, which showcases the evolution and refinement in his sound. Recorded between 2018 and 2019 in his studio in Badalona, on the outskirts of Barcelona, the album is stimulated by “those special late night feelings”, drawing on themes of introspection, loneliness, euphoria and the use of chiaroscuro, through hypnotic, cathartic and immersive sounds.

In Sau Poler’s own words: “Nocturno” helped me to break the mental barrier of recording my debut album, and more importantly, it’s a record that renews my motivation to experiment and expand my music. There were some personal dark times and creativity blocks during the recording process, so I thought that going back to the essence of why I make music – capture the vibe and not overthink my compositions – would be key to finalize the album and grow as an artist. Now I feel some kind of healing to see the album finally out and I hope people will enjoy the listening.