Premiere: Sangre Voss – Schlep


A batch of leftfield drum cuts from the London-based producer on his debut for International Extraterrestrial Music.

There was no end in sight, the path stretched far into the distance for hundreds of miles and, so far, there’d been little to no signs of civilisation along the journey. They knew what they were in for; they had a long road ahead and they’d stocked themselves accordingly, but they’d not factored in how mundane it would be – a trifle more visual stimulation wouldn’t have gone amiss. Maybe up ahead they’d find themselves passing through a small village or jumping over a trickling stream because at the moment this trip felt like a huge schlep.


Sangre Voss has got a knack for wonky, tripped out rhythms – just listen to the London-based DJ and producer’s outings for Rhythm Section, Control Freak and Third Place to see for yourself. It’s on these, and his new EP Konon for International Extraterrestrial Music, that he explores the off-kilter spheres of electronic music, carving out his own unique space in the world of leftfield dance. Full of twists and turns, and with drums at the core of the release, the six tracks mutate through sounds like leftfield bass and percussive techno to hypnotic chug, but all with Sangre Voss’ distinctive oddball touch.


Konon will be released via International Extraterrestrial Music on 12th May.