Premiere: Sangre Voss – Little Steps, In Time


The fan whirred loudly overhead, failing to ease the stickiness that hung thick in the air. It was impossible to sleep in this weather, no open windows or discarded bed sheets provided any relief. He readjusted his pillow and closed his eyes, trying to block out the extremities around him. “Sleep, just sleep”, he whispered, repeating the words as if they were a sacred mantra that would lull him into a deep slumber. He wiped the sweat from his brow and concluded this would simply be yet another sleepless night… 

For the first instalment in their Sleep Sequence series, which is loosely focused around ambient music and released on limited edition pillow shaped USB, Third Place Records welcome Sangre Voss AKA Jim Bremner. Formed of fragments of sleep talking recorded by Bremner using an open-source tool called Somnilopy between 2017 and 2019, Expressions of a Mind in Slumber features nine tracks that match complement these voice samples with ambient and experimental compositions.