Premiere: Sam de la Rosa – Slick People


Conversations swirled around different topics; economics, theology and metaphysics. He listened intently to the discussions, trying to pick out points he could challenge or arguments he could raise, but nothing seemed to come to him. He felt out his depth, unsure his contribution would add anything to the equation, or worse, make him sound like he knew nothing at all.

Following two reaches into the past with reissues of Bourbonese Qualk and Doxa Sinistra, Alessandro Adriani’s Mannequin Records lock back in to the present with a release from Sam de la Rosa, Led Er Est member and one half of previous Mannequin affiliates The Coombe. Marking his third outing on the label, the four-tracker titled Slick People, brings cold wave rhythms, TR-606 drum patterns, and expressive spoken word layered over minimal synth instrumentals.