Premiere: Saine – Act Natural


The police station was not the type of place for an ego or arrogance. It was a place in which to act natural, to be cool and made up – pristine, polished and clean…. whatever that means. People came and went as he sat waiting upon the stiff metal framed chair which groaned beneath his eager weight. It was as if they had chosen to make it as uncomfortable as possible, not even a victim of criminal activity would be granted comfort in the warmth of an armchair. It was the job of the authority to simply remind anyone who took foot in that space that they were the boss and you didn't want to ever end up back here again. 

Saine is set to release a four track EP on the illustrious Delusions Of Grandeur, a favourite amidst house music heads and those who love to dance. This one has a sweet groove with a deep moving bassline. Listen below: