Premiere: FILM – PLPFCTN

QR088 Artwork Front

The New Delhi producer releases his debut long player on Qilla Records.

There was a sense of poise and grace about her; she held herself in a way many others couldn’t. From head to toe she wore black, a cigarette held between her fingers, coated at the tip in bright red lipstick. He’d heard about her reputation before now, that she was mysterious and enigmatic, that people knew very little about her and what she did for work. He’d been intrigued to say the least, hoping he’d somehow meet her by chance one day. That time had come, but could he even muster up the courage to introduce himself…


A culmination of a few years of work, FILM’s eponymous debut LP is an explorative journey into the electronic sounds he loves but approached for the first time with his songwriting hat on. Over the release’s 13-track duration, the New Delhi-based producer marries breaks, techno, ambient, jungle and experimental, to name a few, taking the listener through a wide breadth of textures, atmospheres and moods. He embraces the album format fully on this debut: all the tracks were built around a memorable hook, theme or sample – some are aimed at the dance floor while others are compositions for deeper listening, including a poignant outro which is a homage to FILM’s late mother.


FILM will be released on May 28th via Qilla Records.