Premiere: Roommates – Raaw


Just the other side of the thinly partitioned wall, the new girl was joyously creating her arrival soundtrack. The roommates had seen her carry in all her set-up, keyboards and cables, mikes and machines. They had frowned at each other, this hadn't been discussed at the interview, she seemed timid, bookish even. As the four-four beats and shakers gave way, they began to feel love for her already, even if the bassline was bouncing through their bedrooms and beyond. What would the neighbours say?

Roommates are Spirit and Da Saül, a mysterious pair releasing their debut EP on fresh Parisian label Word Up Records. 'RAAW' features some solid kick and percussion beats which are soon accompanied by drum fills, a Moroder style bassline, choppy and soaring vox snatches on this interesting debut.

Roommates – Roommates EP is released by Word Up Records on 1st July 2016. 

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