Premiere: Universe All – Flotsam

5 Minute Read
Universe All – Flotsam – Digital Cover Artwork

Dreamy ambience from Universe All on newly launched Brighton imprint Wave of Endorphins.

The mountain was bathed in the warm glow of golden sunlight which beamed down from the radiant blue heavens up above. The odd bird could be seen soaring close by the summit, they ducked and dived upon the breeze and circled what was below like some sort of strange floating angels.

Soon he would be up there with them, peaceful amidst the clouds. The morning was glorious and seemed to have brought a spring and a zest to his every step like no other. The wind blew as if it were a great choir from above, guiding him forwards up the mountain.


Universe All is a producer with a penchant for creating dreamy soundscapes in which to lose track of time, space and place. This is a perfect example. A track called ‘Flotsam” released by the fresh faced Brighton record label Wave of Endorphins. This is music for those lost in thought.