Premiere: Roe Deers – June


The calendar was empty; no dates or pre-booked appointments were scrawled across the page. Plans didn't really exist anymore, the days came and went, each day and night blurring into the next. There wasn't much point in checking anymore, it didn't really matter. April had passed them by in a haze and so had the majority of May. Perhaps June would bring more excitement…

Duro's next V/A collection calls on label friends old and new from all corners of the world. The next edition of the Muy Duro series features five tracks – including three collaborations coming courtesy of Calypso co-founder Thomass Jackson and Hard Fist's Cornelius Doctor, Concret & Iñigo Vontier and Martin Noise and Marzian, and two solo endeavours from Colombian porducer Kabinett and Lithuania's Roe Deers. As with volumes 1 and 2, the EP dives deep into rhythmic vibrations and continues their celebration of diverse electronic sounds from across the globe.