Premiere: RIP Swirl – Slimey


Marching through the undergrowth there was a bitter smell which hung in the air, it got caught in the nostrils and left a strange taste upon the tongue. Beneath the feet there was a slimey, soupy type bog which made movement difficult and forced – one had to think about where they were putting each foot whilst moving ever slowly forwards. Soon they might reach the finish line, the foot of the mountain. Then they would be faced with a whole different type of challenge. An upwards battle with elements from beyond… 

Public Possession are set to release a new EP from RIP Swirl, an up and coming producer who is new to the imprint. The release is a warped mutation of electronic beats, skate inspired soundtracks and melancholy soundscapes which showcase a glimpse of the identity behind the music. It's intriguing and thoughtful at times yet playful. 

Listen below: