Premiere: Rigson – Logical Rudeness


“In the night, the moon like a bow – plays the song of the sun. And so we meet again. The receptive inner flow circumvents the earthly gushes of identical trigrams, enterprises, tunnels and hexagram radiation. Slowly we burn. The mind is free as it floats its way into a Logical Rudeness of loops and psychedelic dust. Gently brush off the history of the Book of Changes and, believe me, we will forever be in this together.”

The Hague-based label Oracle Bones return for their second release following February’s inaugural release from JEANS. Continuing the influences heard on that release like trance, techno and jungle, Amsterdam’s Rigson also adds flavours like acid, electro and techno into the mix across the four tracks. Our pick, ‘Logical Rudeness’, is a haunting electro cut, carried along by rumbling bass and hypnotic synth lines.