Premiere: From Beyond – Groove Projections


Paisley Dark Records continue their fundraising work for Shelter UK’s Beats For Beds with a 20-track compilation.

“Helter, shelter, our society is coming down fast… Goaded by the loaded, equality ever more exploded… Oppress the poor and crush the needy, please vote only for the greedy… A Country divided by the dividend… And the taxman is broken, taking mostly from those less ‘well spoken’… None for you nineteen for them, skim and skam, believe it man… Net worth fabricates net result… Rootless, roofless, ruthless, houseless… Unplaced, unhoused, unharboured, nomadic…”


In aid of Shelter UK, Leeds Paisley Dark Records have called on the help of friends and family of the label to contribute tracks to a very special 20-track release, Shelter Me The Album. The music continues their exploration of dark psychedelic sonics, with the likes of Zillas On Acid, Richard Sen, Blavatsky and countless others, serving up chuggy trips and slo mo grooves – all for a great cause.


Shelter Me – The Album is out now on Paisley Dark Records. Excerpt from ‘Helter Shelter’ written by Paul Watt.