Premiere: Rhode & Brown – Wave 100 (Mr. Ho Remix)


The water was powerful and vivid, each burst crashed against the shore with distinct force. After the hundredth wave came the pouring rain and a rogue breeze from the north. The storm had finally arrived. The television had warned that the weather would be fierce and dangerous, that they must stay indoors and not venture outside for the sake of their own wellbeing. Still one or two brave souls stood alongside the boulevard, watching as the apocalypse hit. This was to be the end of the world they'd said, at least for now. 

Rhode & Brown's 'Wave 100' EP was a highlight of last year, deep with a homage to the classic era of Italian dream house. Now they have curated a number of heavy hitting remixes of the EP featuring Bell Towers, C.K., Mr. Ho and Bostro Pesopeo. A highly recommended package. Listen to Mr. Ho's remix of 'Wave 100' below: