Premiere: Remotif – Gondwana at Noon (Jeigo’s Remix)


The landscape was a wonder to behold; flowers danced in the wind next to strange, angular plants, and huge ferns towered high into the sky. Though the sun’s rays beat down on the plant life below from morning to night, they blossomed and flourished in these tropical conditions, happily existing in their own microscosm. One where nature ruled and human’s weren’t there to destroy it…

After an almost year long hiatus, London-based imprint air miles return with a new offering from Familiar Strangers boss Remotif. The Bristol DJ and producer, who has previously released music via Alfresco Disco and his own imprint, makes his debut on air miles with the transcendental ‘Gondwana at Noon’ which, following the format of the label’s last offering, comes complete with three remixes from Nathan Micay, Molly and Jeigo.