Premiere: Remotif – Atocha Familiar (Flora FM Remix)


Wandering between the towerblocks he cast his mind back to childhood, distant memories from what felt like a lifetime ago. He used to run wild amidst these run down streets, causing chaos and mischief at each and every turn. One day they'd always said that he'd grow up and forget this place but he never had. It left a lasting impression on boy who had seen ever so much, it was familiar in more ways than one. As he approached the staircase he pondered old friends, his first kiss, a drink and the smoke which had hung thick in the corridors of the towerblocks and the flats. It was all a blur now…

Remotif is set to release some of his own music on a newly launched record label called Familiar Strangers. It's a well rounded EP from a producer who shows promise and intrigue. It is capped with a remix from Flora FM, a fun loving break focussed affair which is bound for the bounce. 

Listen below: