Premiere: Reformed Society – Sci-Fi Love Story


The full moon lit up the road, casting a brighter glow than the dim street lamps that bordered each side. It was her nightly ritual, watching the comings and goings from her window, hoping to catch wind of a neighbourhood drama or some strange activity only carried out during the nocturnal hours. But nothing stirred, not even the rumble of a car ignition or a stray cat sniffing out its next meal. Everything was quiet, peaceful. Too peaceful… 

Next up on Massimiliano Pagliara’s Funnovojere Records, lovingly named after a small beach in southern Puglia, is an instalment from London-based producer Harsh Puri under his Reformed Society alias. Joining the likes of Rotciv, Armonics and James Booth on the label, Reformed Society brings a collection of raw, harmonic synth cuts that blur the boundaries between techno and house. With the first drafts getting the seal of approval from the Guv’nor himself, the late Andrew Weatherall, you can be assured Cosmic Perspective‘s celestial synth melodies will have you beguiled from lift off to touch down.