Premiere: Random Alias – Hibiscus


“Try not to embarrass yourself… or me”, she whispered to him as they entered the grand room. “Me?” he exclaimed, “never.” She wasn’t so sure, at these type of events he couldn’t help but show off. Without knowing it, he’d always steal the limelight away from her. She knew he didn’t mean it, his personality and vivacity just shone brighter. That said, she had her fingers crossed he’d reign it in for just one night…

For the inaugural release on his brand new label Breakfast on Mars, Berlin-based DJ Random Alias sets the tone for what’s to come. Titled Innerchild, while the A Side has both eyes fixed firmly on the dance floor flaunting crisp percussion, tight acid lines and futuristic driving electro, on the flip both tracks retain the pace but drift up into euphoric, celestial realms.