Premiere: Radioactive Man – Transponder


We're always happy to host a new missive fired out from the top secret Radioactive Man rave bunker. This exclusive finds Keith Tenniswood on a surprisingly post punk tip – Transponder takes the mournful, yearning melodies of early New Order and runs them through a nest of aggy digital wasps. We love how it sounds proper British as well, like tea, rain, or noncing (OK, so not noncing. Even though that is very British) – it's got that strange, bittersweet heart that often beats through the greatest dance music our island has made.

The track is taken from the White Ligh Monochrome EP, Radioactive Man's debut release on Reinhardt. Over the course of the rest of the 4 track EP, Tenniswood presents his typically commanding interpretations of jerking Detroit influenced electro. You can listen to previews and get your pre-orders in here

'White Light Monochrome' is released on vinyl on 26th January, pre-order your copy here.