Premiere: Rad Bit – Pleasure Grip


We're not quite sure what exactly a 'rad bit' is, perhaps it's the really cool bit on the end of the surfboard that surfers always seem to be leaning towards to try and touch rather than trying to hold their balance. Not that any of us here at R$N Towers know a thing about surfing – our moat is shark-infested so none of us will dare venture into the water until we get a bigger boat.

As our ears slowly grip their way around this dose of sheer aural pleasure, our minds become truly awake and we begin to see through things for the first time. Not like X-ray vision, that would be ridiculous.

In all fairness, Rad Bit sounds about as R$N as they come – here's what we've been told about him;

"Holed up in a gentrification-free corner of East London, smarting from his latest Tinder ban, Geordie exile Rad Bit keeps himself busy knocking together fragments of house, garage and electro into wonky shapes whilst keeping his semi-feral cats at bay."

Our kind of guy. Go on then, get yourself caught up in this one;

Bass and Superstructure: Shifting Peaks 2010-2015 is out on 25th July.