Premiere: Purelink – Dozen Sunbeams (Nice Girl Version)

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

UwU dust bath launches in fine fashion with a new EP.

The sky was a radiant shade of pink. There was little else but for the occasional shadow of a bird or a plane which passed against the hazy backdrop. A dozen sunbeams poured down upon the hill, the last of the daylight would soon vanish only to be replaced by a glowing expanse of stars and planets millions of miles away.

Perhaps this was all a mirage? A wild dream or a fantasy? Perhaps none of this was real and here they were down on earth being watched by something greater than they could comprehend? Ah well, even if it was as such, at least it was a pretty picture.


Purelink feature first on a newly launched record label in the form of UwU dust bath. The debut outing is a dreamy affair which touches upon elements of downtempo and idm. The record is rounded off by crucial remixes from local artists including Nice Girl – a producer who has built a keen following with releases on the likes of Public Possession.

Listen below and Buy HERE.