Premiere: Puma & The Dolphin – The Dress (Michal Turtle Remix)


The piece hung in the wardrobe and was never worn – it had meant to be for a special day, evening and night – yet that moment had never come nor would it ever now. The dress was elegant and stylish, red and gold with hints of autumn which ran throughout. It had been bought upon a whim and a longing for something more. Perhaps that was a night in the Mediterranean, a day in the Bahamas or a mystical city getaway beneath the night stars. For now it simply hung, wasted in the back of a closet which was destined for the dust. 

Puma & The Dolphin is set to release a new EP on Chambre Noire, a newly launched label with an eclectic vision. The release is rounded off by a remix from intriguing leftfield producer Michal Turtle who has relaunched a career with great promise. 

Listen below: