Premiere: Public Service Broadcasting – Sputnik (Eagles & Butterflies Remix)


Step out into the world of space and see all your wildest fantasies come true. As you gaze out into the eternal ether, there is very little in your view that isn't actually a million miles away. This is about as far out as you can get and yet there appears to be some kind of satellite resting just upon what the 'land-people' would call a horizon. But it's fine, it's a welcome addition to your view and even adds a little colour.

In other news, we've get an excellent bit of remixing to share with you as Eagles & Butterflies does a brilliant job of re-shaping 'Sputnik' by Public Service Broadcasting. We know you're really going to get right into this so, without further delay, we present you with one hell of an aural gift;

Sputnik/Korolev is out on 20th November – pre-order your copy here