Premiere: Porter Brook – Present Tense (De Grandi Remix)


The pages were old and dusty as he began to flick through the dirty old book. The writing was scrawled and jumbled, it required concentration to amass the tone of speech and the wording. It was written in present tense, an unusual sort of expression given the date of such an old artefact. The library was deadly quiet, the sound of a pin drop could be heard amidst the turning of pages and the occasional shuffle of feet. This place was old an haunted, much like the material which lay within it. He'd always been drawn to the creepy allure of the grand hall, ever since he was young he'd been different. 

Electroménager is back with a new EP from Porter Brook, a deep moody affair with a punchy remix from up and comer De Grandi who is attracting the eyes and ears of the electronic music community at present. 

Listen below: