Premiere: Eternal Love – Flotamos

PT009 SIDE A (2) (1)

The Milanese duo explore Balearic, acid house and street soul on their debut EP for Mike Who’s Planet Trip imprint.

It was easy to give your entire self to work, to let it dictate your life and take over your every waking thought. Switching off was an achievement in itself, some people weren’t able to do it, no matter how hard they tried. How idyllic it would be to daydream the day away and let your imagination take you somewhere else; how beautiful it would feel to let your mind be free of commitments and instead just float, float away…


Milanese duo Eternal Love, AKA Edo and Fede, have quickly made a name for themselves through their joyful DJ sets which connect the dots between Balearic, disco and dusty classic house and breakbeat – check their recent mix for us to hear the vibes for yourself. Always bringing that little bit of soul to their musical endeavours, no matter the genre or style, the pair now translate this feeling to their debut release, a four track EP for Mike Who’s Planet Trip Records. Listening to their sets and shows, the music on Altar is exactly what you’d expect the pair to create – it’s packed with blissed-out Balearic, smooth street soul and acid-soaked house, best listened to in the sun with a spritz or natural wine in hand, of course.


Altar will be released on 21st August via Planet Trip.