Premiere: Pokies – Folk Devil


In the balmy sun the barley swayed and danced in the breeze as if it were moving to the sound of a distant drum. Hand in hand the villagers moved through the field in a trance-induced state; every day they would join in ritualistic dance and prayer. Sacrifice played a part in these traditions too, they believed nobody could gain without losing first. There must be an exchange between the living and the dead. These traditions weren't like those back home, here things were a little different…

Australian producer Pokies is behind the next release on writer and DJ John Loveless' Hot Concept imprint. The EP, Loner On A Surfboard, marks the second on the label and exhibits Pokies wide-ranging influences as well as his sharp ear for sound design. The four tracks blend broken techno, minimal, ambient-acoustic experimentation and UK funky to create a release that is distinctly fresh and open-minded in its approach.