Premiere: Pletnev – Almost Equal


There was a weight which pressed firmly inside his chest, it was heavy and dense leaving him dizzy and confused. How could it be that he had this little left? He had never once imagined that he might be the one crawling through the undergrowth, all alone, whilst the rich and the wealthy watched on with little care and disregard. Once upon a time he had been like them, almost equal in fact. He'd thought that he would have it all and that his reality was destined for the glory and fame of a bygone age. Now he was much like any other, a pauper and a sinner. 

Pletnev is set to release a new EP on Feines Tier – an interesting, oddball affair which challenges the preconceptions and limitations of modern day house music. The release is rounded off by a remix from Ana Helder – a well rounded release which comes highly recommended. 

Listen below: