Premiere: Plebeian – Chess


The pieces were lined up on the board, mysterious figures which stood tall and mighty atop black and white squares. Onlookers gathered to watch the two men play in the heat of the afternoon. They sat perched beneath a tree surrounded by a small crowd, the sound of the city echoed all around with an intense rumble as they prepared to engage in a battle of wit. This was chess, a dangerous sport for the uninitiated, one in which it was easily possible to lose your head and control. Dust billowed from the ground as the clouds rolled in, the game had begun. 

Plebeian is set to release a new EP via Molten Moods, an oddball affair which is destined to cause chaos in dark basements and smoked out rooms. It comes firmly stamped with our seal of approval, as does Molten Moods as a label. 

Listen below: