Premiere: Planet Battagon – Varuna is Spinning


Looking up to the sky, she gave herself away to her imagination, escaping the trials that came with being on solid ground. She placed herself above the clouds and into some far off civilisation filled with kaleidoscopic colours and friendly welcoming faces, where nothing was out of bounds. 

Next up on On The Corner’s packed schedule is an instalment from droid jazz innovators Planet Battagon: their mind bending debut EP Trans-Neptunia. Helmed by rhythm master Nathan “Tugg” Curran, over a couple of days the band recorded their explorations into the outer realms of jazz, mixing psychedelic textures, crisp jungle-inspired drum patterns and cosmic samples. An improvised experiment in cosmic leftfield sonics, the resulting 12 tracks fall somewhere between the outputs of luminaries like Aphex Twin, Sun Ra, Herbie Hancock and Carl Craig.