Premiere: Phonon – Logic Bomb

5 Minute Read

A dynamic comp of fast paced cuts from the newly launched Toronto label earthNetwork.

It were as though nothing worked. There was no rhyme or reason as to why things were the way they were. It blew his tiny mind…

He could think about it for hours, days, weeks even and yet no magic truth would emerge from the darkness to offer a glimmer of insight as to the rationale behind such delusions. A logic bomb might as well explode atop his head, it would make little difference to his sense of understanding.

Perhaps there were just somethings out there that we were not meant to know, that he was not meant to know.

He laughed and walked away.


earthNetwork are set to release a mini comp made up of fast paced, futuristic cuts for the club. This one is from Phonon and features some lovely dubbed out chords which dance atop a rugged percussive breakdown.

Listen below: