Premiere: Marcellus Pittman – Sanskrit Body Rock.

5 Minute Read

Deep moving Acid jams from Detroit via the powerhouse that is Marcellus Pittman.

He was stood on the corner by himself, minding his business as the traffic went swiftly on by. He didn’t have anywhere to go that day so it seemed right and fit to set up shop on the corner with little else but the shoes on his feet and the bang of a drum which echoed from a dusty old speaker that he’d brought alongside.

He took a sip of his drink, lit up a cigarette and began to shuffle slowly in time with the drums. He’d come here quite often, from time to time folk might come watch before they began hustling and bustling on again with their days. He cared little if they stared or not.

This was is happy place and as the music began to grow louder so too did his pace. This was the Sanskrit Body Rock and that’s what he’d give em’.


Marcellus Pittman is set to release a new EP on Acid Test – a raucous record which aligns perfectly with the rough and ready sensibilities best associated with the House music of Detroit and Marcellus’ own roots. This one bumps loud in the club and Marcellus Pittman’s music fits well alongside the heritage of Acid Test as a record label.

Listen below: