Premiere: Omar Joesoef – Frantic


A false calm blankets the grounds. The rear entry succumbs to the creeping dark as the wind extinguishes the dying light; the old gods reclaiming their fire. Beyond the pacing guards, senses dulled by the piercing air and warm drink, the creaking wood and subdued final breaths evade detection. As the lord delights in the sadistic pleasures that beckon his fate, a foreboding shadow-play of silhouettes shift along the paper screen. Careful footsteps build to a driven sprint and the unmistakable ring of an unsheathed blade. The shriek of the lord’s unwilling companion draws the guards, only to be greeted by the red that paints the room.

The legendary Lyon-based label Hard Fist, known for their genre pushing output, have shared their latest 10-track compilation, the first digital release on the imprint since it's inception. Taking influence from all eras and all corners of the globe, the release is an eclectic mix of sound, grounded by a shared commitment to experimentalism. The compilation delights in skilfully transitioning the listener from jubilant italo-disco to desolate acid techno with very little notice. Our pick of the litter is Omar Joesoef’s ‘Frantic’, an anxiety-inducing stomper that would be at home on the soundtrack to any 80s slasher flick.