Premiere: Ocean Stirs – Spawned in Motion


Street lights stream across her face. Every three seconds another would pass. She is in complete darkness, but in motion. On waking, she doesn’t panic – her demeanour doesn’t reflect the intensity of the situation. She has no idea where she is or how she got there. In her pockets are her phone, out of battery, her keys, and a travel ticket. She looks closely at the travel ticket, squinting as she tries to catch a glimpse with each flash of light. It shows a train departure from Kings Cross, but no arrival.

For their 25th instalment Dansu Discs welcome Tom Jarmey under his new alias Ocean Stirs. Following a breakthrough 2020 under both his Tom Jarmey moniker and collaborative project, Mother Of Pearls, his debut as Ocean Stirs, ‘Through Twist and Seam’, takes you on a journey from tasteful, jungle-infused electro to half-tempo rollers and classic UK-infused vocal treats. With commanding acid licks and ominous percussion, ‘Spawned in Motion’ is a track that could take dancers by surprise, deviating the flow and direction of a night into darker, more interesting territory.