Premiere: Niv Ast & Eliezer – Kelev Tlat Rashi (feat. Isadora)


The cars headlights shone forward, creating a glowing path for the vehicle to follow. Tranquil darkness blanketed the bland scenery that surrounded the path, an antithesis of the frenetic thoughts going through the driver's head. Every so often he would pass another car, quickly leaving it behind, while the rolling desert hills, which he could barely make out against the night sky, passed him in shadowy waves. The driver pressed harder on the accelerator. He wasn't going to slow down. He was going to strike back.

Following last year's The Untold Story of Del Fierro EP, Tel Aviv producers Niv Ast & Eliezer release Del Fierro Strikes Back, the third release on their label New Day Everyday. The four tracks showcase a perfect blend of 80s synths, tense beats and Italo flavours, with Isadora, ALF CHAMPION, and Adrien Albou lending their vocal talents on three of the four tracks.